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As a leading West Coast financial service provider, Global Capital Markets provides M & A services, access to corporate debt and equity capital, international trade finance solutions, and strategy consulting....

Mergers & Aquisitions

...We generally provide our services to manufacturing, distribution, service and retail companies with revenues between $10 million and $200 million. Since 1984, our team has offered companies a unique blend of sophisticated financial expertise and access to the global marketplace of buyers, sellers and financiers.


Global Capital Markets' mission is to be the region's leading financial services intermediary. We blend the art and science of deal making in building, financing and selling middle market companies for maximum shareholder return.

Mergers & Acquisitions

As an owner or shareholder of a successful business, calling upon your operating experience and acumen is not sufficient when considering the sale of your business. The requirements for managing the business differ dramatically from selling it successfully.


The considerations in a sale decision are many. The decision warrants a balanced approach based upon reliable information, careful planning, and attention to detail. At Global Capital Markets we are experts at identifying the issues and helping you through every facet of the process. It's a big decision. We focus on the big picture.


Our primary interest is to maximize the proceeds you receive at the closing of the transaction; at this we excel. In part our success in M&A and other transactions is supported by our staff of research and IT specialists bringing leading edge information and technology to transactions and they are further supported by our attorneys on staff.

Corporate Debt and Equity Capital
Our Practices

Corporate Debt and Equity Capital

With substantive relationships and extensive experience, Global Capital Markets can arrange well-structured, well-priced financing for you whether by private placement or other structures. Access to key decision makers translates to both a quick response and efficient results.


While providing a cost-efficient solution is the art of skilled negotiating, it is also a vision. A vision to provide adequate capital facilities for today and tomorrow. A vision beyond the obvious. For in the global marketplace, the best answer is rarely next door.


Clients of Global Capital Markets are aware of this advantage. We utilize our relationships to enhance the profitability of your businesses.

Finacial Restructuring

Financial Restructuring

Markets change, economic cycles change and financial projections are not always achieved. These are some of the many reasons why companies sometimes cannot meet financial obligations as scheduled. As a result, creditors can make demands that jeopardize the company's future.


With substantial experience, Global Capital Markets can assist creditors, debtors, and equity holders in the following areas:​

  • Renegotiate existing debt and loan agreements

  • Raise additional debt or equity

  • Divest corporate assets

  • Arrange mergers

  • Negotiate workout plans with creditors

  • Restructure debt to match cash-generating potential

Strategy Consulting
Advisory and Opinion Services
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Strategy Consulting

Global Capital Markets will work with you to identify and formulate a business strategy focused upon maximizing shareholder value. Our team literally has "lifetimes" of financial and operational experience. The firm's principals have been presidents and CEOs of operating companies like yours. We have learned from our experiences that a little preparation goes a long way to bringing a superior result on a timely.


We don't waste your time or money. Our pragmatic approach and unique global market perspective will concentrate your efforts on high value yielding activities. Global Capital Markets understands that in advance of approaching the markets, the seller must "mend the fence, cut the grass, and paint the kitchen yellow." We formulate and participate in implementing the required actions in preparing your company for the road ahead.

Advisory and Opinion Services

Global Capital Markets provides valuation services for a broad range of purposes, including:

  • Business sales, purchases, and mergers

  • Buy / Sell agreements

  • Corporate planning and strategic alternative agreements

  • Dispute resolution, litigation support and testimony

  • Estate and gift taxes

  • Fairness opinions

  • Intellectual property and intangible asset valuations

  • Recapitalizations, restructurings, and stock repurchases

  • Solvency analyses

  • Liquidity assessments

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