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The Vince Report Middle Market Software | Q1 2024 Update

Published on June 4th, 2024

I. Q1 2024 Summary

  • Risks associated with economic downturn, market volatility, and service performance are becoming less void.

  • Deal multiples shifting to a more stable state has allowed for an increase in attractive valuations for buyers.

  • Rising tendencies of investment firms to employ capital is a driving factor of increased M&A activity.

II. U.S. Middle Market Software M&A Activity A. Trends:

  • Number of transactions and total value in Q1 disrupted the continued YoY decline and showed significant increases.

  • Compared with the previous quarter number of transactions increased by 112% with the average total value rising by $12.15 M.

  • Moderate increase in number of transactions YoY with a minimal decrease in average transaction value.

B.   Reading Between the Lines:

  • Realized sustainable future company growth could insinuate continued transaction proclivity increases in 2024.

  • Innovative-driven assets that simplify operations while creating platforms for generative AI, cyber capabilities, and CRM will continue to attract acquirers.

C.   Top Five Software Transactions - Q1 2024:

Sources: Capital IQ and Pitchbook.

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The Vince Report - Middle Market Software - Q1 2024 M&A Update
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